Oligarchtricity: What's Wrong with IT?!

The oligarchy basically monopolizes the needs of people to the point that needs become luxury.  Going to developed countries, even the poor there can afford electricity and food.  But what about here?  It's so WTF expensive that it becomes a luxury.  So here's some problems with this term I call "oligarchtricity" which basically means "oligarchy controls your electricity":

1.) Power supply can drop dangerously low then they can become dangerously high.  This means more brownouts and sudden power surges when the power hits back.  Power surges can cause simple handheld gadgets to blow up to dangerous fires. It could be credited to the fact that the oligarchtrical machinery is overworked.  Those oligarchs know it yet they refuse to stop the nonsense because they want to continue oppressing the people!

2.) Higher demand, lower supply means higher prices.  Obviously the oligarchtrical company known as Meralconsumisyon is one to be taking advantage of that.  That means with a monopoly the oligarchtrical companies can go ahead and raise prices whenever, wherever, WHATEVER!  It's no wonder why the offense of the poor stealing electricity is so hard to combat!  I mean, the poor can't afford the rates that's why a lot of them end up stealing electricity!

So really, is it more fun in the Philippines?  Only if you are an oligarch or a politician then YES!