Satirical News: President Nobita Plans to Do Last SONA in Carcar, Cebu

President BS Aquino's last SONA will be awkward as some of his key allies have abandoned him.
As President Nobita's term is about to come to an end on 2016, he plans to exit it with a bang.  The President of the Philippines plans to do his final Stupidity Of the Nation Address in Carcar, Cebu.  Carcar, Cebu is the pioneer of making the finest ampaw in the Philippines. This was done to commemorate his act where he as President declared ampaw as the national food of the Philippines.

"Cebu is indeed the business capital of the Philippines and deserves special attention.  Yet it upsets me that people in Manila don't see it especially with how delicious ampaw from Cebu, Carcar was.  As President, I want to extend the yellow project to Cebu.  I would like to do my SONA in Cebu, Carcar where we will al enjoy quality Filipino lechon and ampaw, two important symbols of the Philippines.  And the most delicious lechon and ampaw are from Carcar.  I believe ampaw should be part of the economic policy.  We will export ampaw and make it part of the Filipino economy!" said President Nobita in the interview.

During the interview, it was verified that President Nobita had spent PHP 1,000,000.00 to buy a load of ampaw from Carcar, Cebu for the next Stupidity of the Nation Address.  Pink Lacson, Kill Henares, Money Villar and Doraemar Roxas are currently preparing the Ampaw National Budget.  Ampaw will be served during this year's SONA as well.