Satirical News: President Nobita Declares "Pwede Na Yan" Education System

For President Nobita, he always is a patron of the Pwede Na Yan mentality after he approved of ampaw as the Philippines' national food and declared his last SONA will be done in Carcar, Cebu.  After forming the band "No Direction", President Nobita has declared the "Pwede Na Yan" education system.  The DepEd was assigned to make sure all schools are compliant with the Pwede Na Yan education system.

"I would like to make the education system of the Philippines more relaxed.  The more relaxed the education system, the better.  Try to compare the suicide rates of Japan and Singapore compared to our country.  We cannot allow the education system to follow the standards of developed countries." said President Nobita.

President Nobita imposed the following regulations behind the Pwede Na Yan education system:

1.) Schools should not give homework during the weekend.  Children should have time to have all fun over the weekend.

2.) All College research work will be immediately approved for a passing grade without much scrutiny of data as long as the person can defend.

3.) Abolition of all practicum related activities in all courses.

4.) All teachers must not question the textbooks and present objects to even typographical errors.  Students will study from the books only from now on.

President Nobita has signed the new law to ensure the "state of happiness" of the Philippines.