Sometimes What's Less Pricy is More Tasty!

In the world of spending, a spendthrift person might think, "What is tasty has to be pricy!"  Not always.  Although it will cost more to eat food items that are tastier but there are times the price isn't right.  That is, it's overpriced.

Here are some of my experiences:

One ice cream brand I've eaten cost me a lot BUT the taste was not much compared to eating regular ice cream would be better.  Sure Gelato is more expensive but I am willing to spend for it because of the unique taste over overpriced ice cream.

Some restaurants just charge you too much and you don't get the right taste and size.  I can't forget eating expensive food that was BLAND.  I mean, really bland to the point that regular foods taste better!  I mean why pay so much and you aren't getting more?  It's just that- while you can't have pay less for more due to the rule of economics and reciprocity but some restaurants just cheat you with psychological pricing.  I mean a person who spends less to eat in a delicious restaurant gets to eat better food than a person who spends more and is eating bland food!

Sometimes the best food items are less pricy.  Fibisco's biscuits, Goya chocolates, Chips Ahoy and Nestle Ice Cream taste better than those highly priced food tiems.

Just my two cents on being a quality not quantity buyer!