What Went Wrong During the Late Cory's Regime?

Well pardon me if I'm using Tamako Nobi's picture here but I can't help but think of the fictional Nobita's mother as the Philippines is ruled by the real life Nobita.  So the 1987 Constitution started economic backlash which didn't fix the damages of the 20 years of Macoyism, the first Aquino administration brought in some serious problems.  I mean, why vote Cory all because of her late husband Ninoy.  Sad to say, Nobita was just voted for his parents... Ninoy wanted to help restore democracy but unfortunately today the Philippines only has Nobitacracy!

While I don't believe Cory was responsible for the Mendiola Massacre but one can consider these problems:

1.) The economic "protectionism" act was no better than the Macoyist crony system.  After all, by allowing foreigners to onl have 40% and not 50% and up, Cory's administration didn't do anything to significantly help control the Macoy damage.  I mean, it just continued cronyism in the form of oligarchy.  Today we only have oligarchtricity, oligarch water, oligarch... ANYTHING!  And in fact needs are turning into luxuries causing poverty to rise sky high to the level it's close to being like the even poorer South American countries!  No wonder frequent brownouts kept happening!

2.) The pardoning of those scumbags!  I mean why are the likes of Juan Ponce Enriche Gago Honasan and the like still in power?  Gago Honasan has launched one coup after the other and yet he is still in power?  All those scumbags should have been jailed YEARS AGO!  And well, later Bongbong Macoy despite his string of crimes like his late father, is still in power!

3.) The Hacienda Loserita issue.  Really where was the supposed proper distribution to the farmers?

So really, this is where winnability overrides credibility.  Why are many citizens of the Philippines always choosing to vote people for their relations over credibility?