Apparently Failipinos Only Care About Their Wants, Not Their Needs!

As if the One Direction ticket incident wasn't enough, the Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto's Inferno premiere wasn't spared from such stupidity either.  I can understand in part because I have waited for at least two years for the next Rurouni Kenshin movie but... WTF?!  It's stupid think somebody filed a sick leave, bought a last minute (?) ticket out of Davao and went to Manila to meet Takeru Sato as if she knew her?!  Which for me was a question I asked whenever I missed the chance of a lifetime to meet other favorites of mine in the past like the F4 group which has disbanded some time ago.  I always kept in mind that Takeru Sato didn't know me personally so why should I cry if I wasn't there?

Now here's what we are thinking about Failipinos.  The problem is as a people, they are only caring about their wants and not their needs.  It's a shame to admire Takeru Sato who is very professional or just think, would the fictional character Kenshin Himura do that?  No he would not.  Even if his favorite kabuki actor were coming to town, if he had to fight the bad guys, he would not do that!  Assuming the events of Rurouni Kenshin were real, he would actually go and fight the threats of the likes of Shishio Makoto putting his hobbies aside when duty comes to protect the people of Japan.  Failipinos are just too self-centered on their wants and not their needs.

One may also think why did Takeru Sato show up in the Philippines?  That was part of a schedule he had to follow.  He followed the work schedule assigned to him, otherwise he could lose his job for insolence right?  Some people may have been there because it was their day-off (day offs may vary depending on assigned schedules) or they had a leave, but to go there skipping work in the process was uncalled for.  If Takeru Sato knew of it, I don't think he would praise such stupidity.  He might even say, "Do you think Kenshin Himura will do that?  Just think if he did that during the time of the Kyoto Arc!  Shishio would have won if Kenshin did that!"

Again, the Failipino must realize it's their needs that come first.  Forget about the latest movie when you don't have money, forget about Apple phones because you might soon cry if you lose it, forget about parties if you have homework to do, forget about the basketball game if you have a project to do and the list must go on.  For those Rurouni Kenshiners who skipped work or school to be there, remember, Kenshin Himura would never do that!