Oldie But Goodie: Overseas Filipino Workers are Not the Problem, It's the Overseas Pinoy Pride Workers!

One myth to say about Overseas Filipino Workers is that they're all bad... blah... blah... which is annoying and somehow racist.  But the problem behind it cannot be avoided with incidents like Plor Kontemplasyion, Jonathan Aquino, the three drug mules in China, Pinoy workers who don't follow rules, etc. but there are actually honest to goodness overseas workers from the Philippines.  What we must realize about these are that the Overseas Filipino Workers should be differentiated from the Overseas Pinoy Workers.

The Overseas Filipino Worker may actually be working abroad not to earn more money to buy fancy stuff but to support a family that's in starvation.  They have no choice but to go abroad because of the stupid protectionist policies' that are preventing more jobs from being created.  The oligarchies are oppressive, the Philippine economy is sinking... so what does an enlightened Filipino got to do?  He has no choice but to go abroad, to seek for a greener pasture.  He or she may be even seeking to bring his or her family there.  For some of his distinct marks, he only supports his nuclear family and not his extended family and that he doesn't think money comes easy.

But what about the Overseas Pinoy Pride Worker?  They treat money like it falls from the sky with their spending, they support lazy relatives, they think they are a special breed with immunity abroad which can lead to several incidents.  Worse, the government supports Overseas Pinoy Workers which was like the drug mules incident when Vice President Jejemon Bitay tried to plead for their lives in China or back in 1995, Fidel V. Ramos trying to plead for Plor Kontemplasyon's release in spite of proof that she is guilty.  Their image tends to destroy the reputation of Overseas Filipino Workers everywhere.  They are arrogant, self-centered and don't know how to follow rules... and believe that the world can't do without them.  But sorry for them, they must go like every other bad employee!