Relating the Story of the Emperor's New Clothes to Failipino Society!

If one remembers the children's story called "The Emperor's New Clothes" it was about a vain emperor who was conned by two swindlers.  The two swindlers said that anybody who can't see their cloth must be really stupid.  The emperor thought that through that, he can see who is wise and who is stupid which was a stupid decision.  The emperor sent his advisers to check on the cloth.  Although the ministers saw nothing, afraid to be called fools, they lied to the emperor.  Even the emperor got deceived in the process. When the emperor wore his supposed new clothes, he soon paraded around the streets either in only in his underwear or nothing at all, depends on which version.  One child was unafraid to say, "Hey the Emperor is wearing nothing!"  The procession went on anyway but the child was unafraid to tell the truth.

How then can that be relevant to the Failipino society?  We can see the illustrations to these ones:

The Failipino society has had one bad administration after the other.  The two dumbest ones are ex-president Sherap and now, it's President Nobita.  People today are afraid of the truth and to voice out that needs to voiced out lest the stupid call them stupid.  It's always a train of thought that the stupid think they are so smart, they think those who are knowledgeable are stupid because the knowledgeable challenge the current way of thinking.  The picture above is a good illustration of what is wrong with Nobitards.  They all follow Nobita, they are all afraid to speak the truth to Nobita when it hurts and would rather lie to Nobita if it pleases him.  It's like the ministers of the emperor who lied about seeing this "magnificent cloth" even when they see nothing at all.  Common sense is thrown out of the window.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out something is wrong with the so-called "cloth".

Remembering the part where the swindlers say, "Only a simpleton can't see our cloth." is a picture of the Failipino lack of common sense.  DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel, etc. are all unconstitutional.  Those who think nothing is wrong with the Philippines fail to see why third countries are always at a rathole or what makes the Philippines still stand out against most of South America or countries like Bangladesh and India.  Pinoys and Failipinos think they are intellectual, scorn the intellectual Filipino and then they leech on him/her when he or she succeeds abroad.

It's convenience over truth as to how society goes.  If Aguirre can shield his ears from Miriam's pointing out what was really wrong with the prosecutors, Failipinos also follow.  The little boy who said, "Hey the emperor is wearing nothing." is today, the enlightened Filipino who is afraid to voice things out.  Meanwhile, Nobitards are like the ministers who are sent to see the work of the cloth.

The swindlers who "weaved" the cloth are the sugar coated lies that people buy into, including the government.  Sometimes I think the government is deceived into believing by "outside sources" that President Nobita's government is a model for fighting corruption.  Just because a source says so, it doesn't mean it is so!  Today, society is so easily carried away by the lies of others that one has to wonder, "Did they sell their brains at E-Bay?"  Which of course, most people would rather believe in the sugar coated lies than the bitter truth after all.

But one thing is certain, truth is truth even if nobody believes it!