The Problem of FLIPFAGs in the Philippines

FLIPFAG is an acronym for Failipinos Loving Ignorance/Incompetence Purposely For All Generations or in short, willfully ignorant.  Some people choose to ignore the facts to feel good and for their own convenience.  It's the problem today that Failipinos today occup yte Philippines, destroyingthe good citizens of the country in the process.  Here's what they always do:

Remembering the events of the Corona Impeacment trial, one can see Miriam Defensor Santiago going overboard and why?  Because she was SOOOOO ANGRY at the incompetence of the prosecutors treating the whole session as a game.  While she did agree it was appropriate to remove the word "gago" from the records as suggested by a prosecutor, knowing she said it out of emotional imbalance, Aguirre shows just how much of a waste of knowledge he can be.  For one, I don't care if he were valedictorian for so long, he was San Beda's champion debater but all that went down because of his spoiled brat attitude with his work.

During the Vizconde Trial after Hubert Webb was declared guilty, he walked out.  During the impeachment trial court, rather than move away he decided to show his insolence by covering his ears in court.  Okay, that wasn't really such a huge offense but it shows what's wrong with Pinoy pridists these days.  Aguirre covered his ears saying he didn't want to hear Miriam's shrill voice.  So he could have just gotten out when that happened but, no, he decided to be a "hero" to those FLIPFAG prosecutors who didn't take their jobs seriously.  Closing his ears was evidence of this.  Failipinos don't want to listen to the truth because they want to be in a perpetual state of bliss.  They think they are the best.  They also want to take credit for what they didn't do.  Filipino achievers are achievers, it is their achievement not the whole nation.  Aguirre showed just how stubborn he is because he PROBABLY thinks his high grades allow him to get away with incompetence.

For them, it's all about credibility.  Miriam Defensor Santiago is an enemy of Failipino pridists because she speaks the truth.  For them, she is not nationalistic.  But for one, even if she's not in favor of removing 60/40 but one thing, she did the right thing to SCOLD the prosecutors for their incompetence.  She's pretty rash which is true but she is also ready to accept her mistakes like the whole China thing.  What about those prosecutors?  For them they were in the right when the reality is, they were in THE WRONG!  For them, it's all about them.  The truth Miriam spoke about their INCOMPETENCE stung them so they all go against her.  As said, it's always the prblem with ego.

As long as FLIPFAGs refuse to know the truth, they will always be Failipinos and not Filipinos.  And Failipinos as said should just relocate to some uncharted island and create their own nation and leave the Philippines alone!