There are Just Some Things Women Can Do Better Than Men!

Like it or not, the idea of whose better in  boys vs. girls is getting old.  Men and women have different roles and can't always be equal because of differences.  For example, I prefer a woman to do events organizing while I usually prefer a man to be the manual labors of event preparation with a woman guiding the whole arrangement.  There is always a complementary opposite aside from a non-complementary opposite.  Now for some things I can observe women can do better than men:

1.) Women can usually handle stress better and are better stress councilors than men!  I've observe men tend to whine more in stress than women can.  The idea that men shouldn't cry is stupid.  For a woman, she can handle emotional stress better.  They are not afraid to cry if they have to.  A man would have told me, "Stop crying!  You are a man!" but a woman would have told me, "Cry now if you have to so you don't have to later!"

2.) Women are usually better in sustaining relationships.  I have observed how women are the better voice of reason over men.  Normally as a man, I only think, "That's it!  I'm going to beat him up!"  For a woman, they are usually more effective in keeping a family intact when everything goes wrong.  Most of them can help fix broken relationships.

3.) Women are usually better with communicating.  Perhaps why society once had the idea that a woman must keep her silence in the presence of a man is because women are usually better at communicating.  For them, when they speak, they usually create the power lacked by male speakers.  A man tends to be hesitant to communicate, a woman tends to be less hesitant about bad news.

4.) Women are usually better with finances. For every great man there is a great woman.  As a man, I observe I tend to spend more than my sister.  My sister on the other hand knows much about finances and the like.  Based on my observation, there have been more female accounting students than male accounting students which might be proof women are usually better than finances.  Sometimes a woman may not be a business wizard but she may turn out to be the financial fairy of the firm.  That is, she can create a better budget plan than most males.

5.) Women are usually better at multitasking and tend to complain less.  I believe a woman's mind is better at organizing than a man.  The ability to do housework effectively is something men are really poor at.  They can go to the grocery and choose the freshest supply, they can handle an 8-hour schedule and still have the mind ready to tutor a child.  Men usually fall down when faced with multitasking.  One good evidence behind that a woman usually knows how to handle accounting problems better than men.  As a man, I usually hate dealing with accounting processes which usually require multitasking!

6.) Women usually have better memory.  When I tried asking an old couple on their experience during Imperial Japan's occupation, the old lady could still remember most of the events like it was yesterday while the old man was falling down.  I ended up talking to the old lady about the war more than I did with the old man.  Usually men have bad memories and I admit, being a man I have a very poor memory so I usually end up making notes.  In fact, while I don't find it surprising most brilliant students are women, I am always more shocked when a man becomes top the class!

7.) Women usually think better than men.  In real life situations, most men don't like to think of other solutions than just destroying everything in sight, focusing to get stronger.  On the other hand, most women come up with the solution that brawn can't solve.  They would analyze the situation, think of the solution and organize the plan to enhance the situation.  Even men scientists I believe had women who helped them organize their studies to a readable level.

The ideas were taken from here.  So yeah, women and men will always have differences but these are complementary differences!