My Dream of a Shinkenger Parody Dub

I just thought because of how terrible Power Rangers Samurai was, the show inspired me to dream of a parody dub.  But this requires a lot and I mean a LOT of thinking.  A gag dub is easier said than done.  So how will I deal with my characters?

The Shinkengers instead of being samurai by lineage (since the series doesn't intend to reach its finale anyway) became modern day samurai to stop an illegal filming industry called the Gedoushu Productions.  Jii is a director of samurai movies who gets five actors to play his Shinkengers... which he seeks to stop the Gedoushu from producing badly made samurai movies that are endangering civilians.

Takeru is renamed as Michael Joe in honor of the first Takeru's dub in the Maskman terribly done Philippine dub.

Ryunosuke is renamed as Kevin, after the Power Rangers Samurai counterpart.  He does maintain his kabuki background so he has a hard time adjusting to him being an "actual actor".  But seeing how kabuki was disgraced by the illegal video making team makes him want to do his job.

Mako is renamed as Amy.  She was acting as a schoolteacher at the beginning in the set, in reality her character here is the only actress in the set aside from Michael Joe.  She is also a very terrible cook which causes fear and panic to her teammates.

Chiaki renamed as Mike, after his PR Samurai counterpart.  He is hesitant to become part of the Shinkengers believing that the censorship board is enough to stop the Gedoushu Productions.

Kotoha is renamed as Emily, after her PR Samurai counterpart.  She is an aspiring musician who has the honor of stopping the evil Gedoushu Productions.

The Gedoushu are like how the Jashinka being turned into a production team.  Doukoku is renamed as Do-Cuckoo and Shitari is Fujitsu, named after Mel Fujitsu... after the Dynaman parody dub character of General Kar.

Dayu is renamed as Lucy, after the Princess Chimera parody dub as Lucy.  Like Lucy, she is a spitful production crew member.  She is also in charge of music direction of Do-Cuckoo's awfully made films.