Will President Nobita PLEASE STOP Using Scapegoats For His Mistakes?

I'll just hide the MRT report here and voila!  I'll blame Gloria, etc. again!

It's already four years since the Nobita Presidency and what does he do?  He's never accountable for his mistakes which the problem is, not even his late mother Cory was that kind of person.  But him?  It's always been the BLAME GAME again.  One must realize that President Nobita does not even want to put the word "accountability" in his vocabulary.  All he does is blame, blame and continue his stupid finger pointing which is like a child blaming another child for his/her mistakes.

While I definitely believe that Gloria Abobo should face charges for her misdeeds BUT one must realize, that President Nobita should not be immune to that.  It sickens me to think that all President Nobita does is blame Gloria and it's been FREAKING FOUR YEARS and guess what... as of recent even the MRT-3 train... he blames... you guessed it... GLORIA!  In due fairness, Metro Manila may have had better hands with Gloria.  The Pasig River ferry was good with Gloria, the economy was in a recovery with Gloria after the Sherap Administration... and instead of taking the good Gloria did, Nobita dismisses them as "EVIL" which she inadvertently exposes the true colors of President Nobita as whiny, loony loser who won't take responsibility.  Blaming Gloria for the MRT?  Why doesn't Nobita TAKE A GOOD LOOK at WHY THE MRT-3 is so sucky?!  Want to know?  Read it here.  The reasons such as operating beyond capacity and poor maintenance should be handled already, not keep blaming Gloria. Blaming Gloria won't change things for the better.

One may also consider all his other scapegoats.  Way back then, we had the problem of the impeachment of Renato Corona.  Does he get a competent chief justice?  Raissa Ruthless I would believe is no better than Renato Corona and we have Justice Secretary Liar Dilemma.  For President Nobita, he's just getting even with Gloria, not really setting justice at all.  If he was truly serious about justice, he would not only remove the Gloria offenders but even his friends who have charges.  Unfortunately he's still into the whole cronyism system in his own way.  Besides if he were truly serious about the pork barrel scam, he would lock up the offenders in regular jails, not apartment-like cells and he would actually remove everyone regardless.  Besides, what's he going to explain next for PDAF and DAP which was under HIS ADMINISTRATION?  Gloria made him do it?!  Puh-lease!