Amendments for the 1987 Constitution Should Be FOR THE BETTERMENT OF FILIPINOS. NOT SELF-INTEREST!

The 1987 Constitution isn't entirely bad, it has some good points.  For example when the late Cory Aquino stepped down from power, refusing to re-run her term after her presidency ended, she at least proved to be true in spite of her mistakes.  The whole idea of amending the constitution to give President Nobita (who has Asperger's, a trait that I have to why I refused to run for position for student organization even after it was offered twice) another term is like handing a gun to a toddler.  In short, the whole motive for amending is selfish... it's very easy to manipulate an Aspie person... and believe me, I've been manipulated several times by the cunning and manipulative crowd and I hate to recall those times.

Now I'm no rocket scientist or rocket politician, but I just thought the 1987 Constitution should have these changes for a better Philippines:

No to political dynasties - this picture says it one way or another!!!!

1.) Strengthen the anti-political dynasty policy and not just make it good in paper but not in action, that is voting for people just because they are related to a certain someone in politics.  The problem behind voting for President Nobita and his cousin Bum is because they have the name Benigno attached.  President Nobita's real name is Benigno Simeon Cojuanco Aquino and Bum is Paolo Benigno Aguirre Aquino.  To be honest, Bum is Bum, the late Ninoy is the late Ninoy.  Any awards Bum has, is HIS award, it has NOTHING to do with being related to the late Ninoy!  One may also consider suspending guilty candidates from ever running for office, make them serve JAIL TERM and don't lock them up in special cells, lock them all up in regular prisons!

Certainly, why other foreign companies prefer China and Malaysia is because they get a better share!

2.) Adjust the joint venture laws.  It's time to get rid of the 60/40 policy in favor of 50% and higher ownership for foreign firms.  That is offer a 50/50 to 80/20 package for a start.  Not every foreign firm wants 100% ownership because they want to be sure in uncertain waters.  Some way want 50% ownership for fair deal with the local company and not increase it.  Some may want higher than half but not get rid of the other portion because they want to have better linkages to the local country.  However by offering only 40% no more, no less is protecting the crony capitalism that the late Ferdinand Macoy established during his 20 years tyranny.

Which offense is jailable?  This meme above OR hacking into somebody's privacy and cyber-bullying?!

3.) Redefine the anti-cybercrime law to Internet offenses that really harm people, not for petty vendettas like that meme above.  Cybercrime should be defined as anything done on the Internet that is malicious and threatening to one's welfare, privacy and well-being NOT those stupid memes or criticisms.  In my case, anybody who ridicules me is wrong but it's more wrong for me to have that person locked up for a non-threatening offense.  It would be fair for me to lock a person up for hacking my email, stealing my accounts, repeated harassment, etc. but NOT for mere ridicule.  It might even go as far as that, libel needs to be redefined according to severity.  Anybody who writes I'm stupid is an irritation, yes, but that offense is not worth wasting your time in court compared to somebody who writes criminal charges against me because that could threaten my very well-being.