Horrible Lost in Translation Signs... MORE FUN IN CHINA?!

Having gone to China for a week tour, it simply isn't that surprising that my ancestral country (I do have ancestors from Mainland China) has all the awkward signs.  Stopping by Hong Kong (which I prefer over China) and having gone to Singapore (I was 13 that time), I hardly see any signs to what you are about to see.  Now I've been selective in showing these pictures because some of them have profanity.  Below are pictures I selected from here.

It was funny how I landed over to a sign like this somewhere in Beijing.  In fact, I hate to think how my low Mandarin proficiency was a problem.  I think the correct translation should be, "Ripe with greenstuffs" NOT "Rape with greenstuffs".

Since when was a fire extinguisher a hand grenade?!

Since when did this EVER become an order to slip and fall down carefully?  The warning sign should say, "Be careful or you will slip down!"

Dumpling misspelled as dumping... missing an l.

Carp is spelled as crap.  This was pretty unintentional... anagrams can cause confusion!

And we have string bean sprouts spelled as stupid bean sprouts!

It's supposedly specialized for the disabled.  No wonder Hong Kong and Singapore have better signages for tourists!

The word "dreaming" should have been replaced by "growing".

Well I'm glad China didn't put in their slogan, "It's More Fun in China!"  But the way things look like in my ancestral hand, horrible lost in translation signs may be more fun in China!