Making A Range of Excuses: More Fun in the Philippines (For FLIPFAGs)

What any enlightened Pinoy or any decent Filipino in general, Pinoy or not, would hate to hear from Failipinos is the RANGE of excuses.  With the tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines" you might as well think of this... you can get those FLIPFAGs who might say this line, "Well this is the Philipines, can't you just be patriotic and learn to adjust to habits like Pinoy pride, being late and making a range of excuses?  Come on, learn to have fun with making a range of excuses!"  Sadly that FLIPFAGs may purposely ignore is that making a range of excuses is why the Philippines hardly moves forward as a nation and only progresses in some parts.  But as a whole, the Philippines is at a lag and is only being saved because there's a good amount of enlightened Filipinos (Pinoys or not).

So what ranges of excuses may come?  I remembered how my Filipino-Chinese marketing teacher who happens to be a family friend once said, "It's always the range of excuses why the Philippines does not improve as a whole.  Please stop using patriotism and nationalism as an excuse, you are just adding to the range of excuses.  Other countries will not understand your bad habits out there.  Whatever country you are, you do the crime, you do the time."  She also mentioned the traditional excuses of the traffic and weather as the most common.  However she had also mentioned made up stories that FLIPFAGs would make up to avoid accountability or to skip work.

The traditional range of excuses can go a long way.  It can start with raising the child to make excuses, to the classroom and it lands to the business environment.  As a businessman, I have been victimized by bad credit and I say, I really hate to recall those events but I must if I expect not to repeat the same mistake again.  It's really something to see how Failipino family values can encourage children to make range of excuses.  Rather than make the child accountable, they teach him or her to make those range of excuses.  It goes from academics which sadly lands into the business environment itself.  You can always think of one excuse after the other.

I would like to first talk about the traffic and the weather.  Now we can understand that if there was a car accident, that is excusable.  However habitually saying that traffic is the excuse is NOT excusable because there is traffic every day.  I mean, you have daily traffic... you have high traffic, medium traffic and low traffic.  For example, if I to got to report earlier than usual, it was because traffic was low but there was traffic.  If it's traffic, you should wake up early and set on the road early.  For the weather, we can understand about heavy rains but to make them an excuse within SHORT distances, now you are totally making another range of an excuse.

Other excuses are already worth the rubbish.  Excuses like, "Well I was absent because Piolo Pascual is more important than my work!" is totally rubbish.  Others tend to make excuses like, "Someone died." even when somebody didn't, pretending to be sick when they were having a good time somewhere, lying that the house caught on fire, etc.  In short, making up stories to escape responsibility.  With these kinds of people, they are not worth the sympathy because they tend to use their situation to abuse the goodness of others.  The same can go for President Nobita's making excuses, he has to STOP making excuses and do his work properly!