The Failipino is a Destructive, Unfair Critic But Can't Accept Constructive Criticism!

I wrote a previous post on seven ways Failipinos are self-contradictory morons, now I have overlooked this until today.  The post itself shows the attitude that Failipinos have towards people is that they are very good at criticizing others but can't accept criticism themselves.  You might want to read the comments in that post.  Now I really love to bring up Atty. Viraliano Aguirre with the issue of the Failipino being a destructive critic but can't accept constructive criticism.  The very act of covering his ears in court proves he cannot take the stinging truth that the prosecutors were not doing their jobs properly.  He was hailed as a hero by a society that like him, doesn't want to accept the truth of the matter.

Now a bigger picture is that Failipinos are destructive critics.  That is, they are not helpful critics.  All they do is point out the problem but never offering a solution.  A criticism as defined by the dictionary may mean to measure the merits and demerits of a person in sound and reasonable judgment.  A good critic gives every merit and credit where credit is due.  They are quick to point out everything wrong even when nothing is wrong (which is really not the case, there's always something wrong in everything and everyone).  In their case, they are self-centered, they tend to think they are above everyone, some of them even think they are always right all the time even when the facts prove them wrong, they think every last criticism against them is an act of hate becasue they hurl criticisms destructively, not constructively.

I would like to share the example of how the FLIPFAG is ultimately a destructive critic.  They are quick to criticize any enlightened Pinoy who opposes the stereotypical Pinoy view.  The stereotypical Pinoy view is one who is lazy, never on time, spendthrift, rude and has a high sense of pride.  The enlightened Pinoy is industrious, punctual, thrifty, respectful and humble.  Whenever a decent Pinoy starts to strive hard, seeks to succeed WITHOUT the help of Pinoys who are FLIPFAGs, you might think of them being laughed at.  I still cannot forget about the struggle of the enlightened Pinoy to achieve something.  Take for example Michael Christian Martinez who succeeded on his own without government support... he may soon bring home the gold medal which only he deserves, not the whole Pinoy people.  They may laugh and scorn at the Pinoy who thinks differently for the better good because, it does not conform with their stupidity.

One thing is certain about stupidity.  Stupidity is a choice you make while being intellectually low isn't.  You can't do anything if you lack the IQ but you can certainly be smart even if you don't have a high IQ.  I mean, take for example the person who is deemed stupid because he or she is a slow learner but manages to get his or her College degree without cheating.  He or she may not be qualified to be a rocket scientist but he or she managed to get a decent degree by working hard.  You can have a high intellect but be stupid because of the choices you make.  Take Aguirre for example - high board rating, consistent valedictorian but he's nothing more than a whiny lawyer who can't accept losses.  He walked out of the Vizconde trial after Webb was declared guilty.  During the Corona Impeachment trial, he said the stupidest thing I've heard from a lawyer with a high bar rating when he said that no judge lectures a lawyer.  Miriam Santiago may only have had 78% on the board in contrast to Aguirre's 85.25% but she has certainly had more knowledge with the law... but sideline she should stop being balimbing when it comes to incumbent presidents!

Why don't stupid people take criticism at all?  It's because they are so stupid to see they are wrong, because they refuse to see they are wrong. The more a person rejects the fact he or she is wrong, the more stupid they become because, the more they think they are never wrong.  Stupid people don't see themselves as wrong, they think they are above everyone else and they think they are always right.  That is quite the opposite as smart people believe they can be wrong, they think they can be wrong, they are willing to accept they are wrong and they measure every chances that either one is wrong or both are wrong unlike the stupid person who says, "I'm always right, you are always wrong!".  They think that anybody who disagrees with them is stupid, even if the latter is the one who's right and they former is the one who's stupid.  They are quick to criticize but afraid of being criticized because they believe criticism from others undermines their supposed authority.  After all, the stupidity of a Failipino is never inborn, it's a choice they make with their actions!  Not everyone can be intelligent but anyone can overcome stupidity.


  1. Stupid people make stupid mistakes. That's why the smartest thing I ever did, was to stop working with stupid people.

    1. The old saying goes, "Never argue with an idiot or you become an idiot yourself."


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