Failipinos are Fairweathered Free Riders Towards Enlightened Pinoys!

There is always the statement that the Failipino is described to being "balimbing" although what is better described for ANY PERSON Filipino or not who is just there when they need others but never there when others need them is the value of being that fair-weathered person.  And what is worse for Failipinos is that they are a group of free riders.  And I will discuss this trait I have observed is very common among Failipinos who are a threat to every enlightened Pinoy.

What I can observe about Failipino culture is this....they view a lot of bad values as part of their Filipino identity and they cannot separate from it.  For the Failipino, I can dare assume that they view values like being lazy, free riding, being always late, extravagance, hypersensitivity to correction, arrogance, mediocrity, saluting everything Filipino even when it's bad, etc. as part of their patriotism and nationalism.  Nationalism is love for country.  But the Failipino is what I would dare call a passive hater of the Philippines.

The enlightened Pinoy is a much different individual.  Though they are born Pinoy by blood, they refuse Pinoy pride and they consider every race as human.  They don't believe in ridiculous ideas such as Pinoy racial supremacy which is a Pinoy version of Nazism.  The enlightened Pinoy begs to differ from the typical stereotyped Pinoy.  He or she contests against everything wrong in the Philippines.  What is very annoying to look at is how the Failipino laughs at the enlightened Pinoy because he or she is different.  The enlightened Pinoy can be like "I'm a Pinoy and I am on time." and at work he says, "I am Pinoy and I work hard!"  Wouldn't such a trait actually be something worth being proud of?  Problem is, the whole Pinoy pride agenda is also very fair weathered.

How is Pinoy Pride a very fair weathered value?  I may want to mention Manny Pacquiao but my favorite example as of late is Michael Christian Martinez the lone Pinoy who went to Russia.  Just think - the mom asked for support, nobody gave support for the training.  After he becomes a hero, everybody then RIDES ON HIM as if they were the the ones who went to Russia.  I've observed how often it is an enlightened Pinoy is mocked by society and when he succeeds where people will accept him or her, he or she is then "made a hero" and when he fails, the Failipinos then abandon him.  In short, they are just fair weathered friends!

The free rider mentality won't help the country for this reason.  If Pinoys in general just rely on the success of one successful Pinoy, it is a huge drag.  It's a sad thing that some successful Pinoys are being sucked dry of the success they deserved by those who don't deserve it.  The Philippines must instead use the successful Pinoys as inspiration to do better and break the mold of Failipino culture which continues to reward the lazy and punish the diligent.