Six Ways That Enlightened Filipinos Can Make It More Fun in the Philippines!

The Philippines has the tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines"... which is nothing more than deceitful marketing.  We all need marketing but ethics is still important.   Going back to the tagline, the whole problem of "It's More Fun in the Philippines" tagline is this... you are suggesting that it's never more fun in other places?  It should be "It's Fun To Be in the Philippines" NOT "It's More Fun in the Philippines" to avoid any high sense of pride.  Moving on... it is time to really make it truly more fun in the Philippines?  It's time to really change the typical Pinoy culture to the enlightened Pinoy Culture!

This is a butthurt issue that must be addressed towards a cultural revolution, a revolution to combat Failipino Culture.  Enlightened Pinoys are part of the whole army to fight for a better Philippines.  Now I prefer to fight through my writing as the pen is indeed mightier than the sword when it comes to convincing people.  No one can deny the impact whenever a Pinoy goes away from Pinoy Pride to become truly the enlightened Pinoy!

What can enlightened Filipinos do?  Here are a few things but not every one can do them but then, let them take part by any way possible:

1.) Stand out in one's job.  Don't show the false sense of nationalism that Failipinos do, be the outstanding Pinoy or Filipino, don't be that Failipino loser!  Show up on time, be respectful to authority, be proud to be a servant while seeking to improve, be a servant, deal with oppression without losing one's dignity i.e. don't be an Aguirre, be respectful when others are not... be a radically outstanding Filipino!

2.) Enlightened Filipino entrepreneurs can be outstanding job providers and service providers.  The problem of the Philippines is a lack of jobs and competition so why not create the competition?  My favorite example is Pinoy businessman Manuel Pages after many years as an outstanding Pinoy worker and family man, becomes an outstanding Pinoy entrepreneur.  Just think of how many jobs he has created with all his fellow Filipino businessmen.  Show the spirit that provides quality service to make it indeed more fun to visit that certain place in the Philippines!

3.) Never be a rule breaker when others break rules.  Let the rule breakers suffer the consequences.  Always follow simple guidelines wherever you go and rebuke others by your actions.  If you see someone littering, pick it up without confronting him.  Flush the toilets that are not flushed.  Do whatever it takes to keep order in place.  Pinoys who choose to change the typical Pinoy image will definitely fight Falipino culture.

4.) Writers can start to use the weapon of propaganda.  Remember Jose Rizal?  He wrote the truth on paper.  He fought for the truth in paper.  Great men who used peaceful means will gain sympathy.  Think of how Mahatma Gandhi's writing had launched a peaceful revolution to request Britain to leave India.  Great thinkers prefer not to use arms but then pen in the fight for change... while still believing that one must use force only as the last resolve.  Today enlightened Filipinos can write about what's wrong with the political situatuation and Failipino entertainment.

5.) Rebuke FLIPFAGs if necessary as a concerned citizen.  The problem is it's very easy to generalize Pinoys as standing by their wrong countrymen because of incidents like the Flor Contemplacion execution or the Three Drug Mules in China.  Speak out if necessary and be like, "As a concerned Filipino, I oppose every Filipino who does crime and such a Filipino must do the time!"

6.) Never advertise the Philippines as perfect or as the best place on Earth, tell the foreigners which areas is indeed fun vs. those that are not fun.  Any enlightened Filipino would definitely not endorse Tondo in Manila as a tourist spot nor should they endorse pagpag as a delicacy.  Advertise the best places of the Philippines while warning tourists of places they should avoid.  Just think, Uniquely Singapore is not afraid to expose the places that tourists visiting their country should avoid.  That way, if places like Tondo will be avoided.

The war against FLIPFAGs is an ongoing war and it must be continuously fought!