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Gracie Dzienny Picture For December 29, 2017

She's really looking naturally pretty here this winter. 

Satirical News: Light A Firecracker Against Duterte Movement Failed Due To Defective Firecrackers

What would have been the most glorious event in history turned into an event of monumental failure. The "Light a Firecracker Against Duterte" movement failed for this reason - the firecrackers that arrived for the attendees to use were proven defective.
The first move was Cynthia Patay's attempt to blow up Yellow Cab in EDSA. They soon found out that the firecrackers were defective at that point. Others tried to use more firecrackers only to realize that all of them were defective. Leah Navarro's attempt to blow up stores that sold Lea Salonga-Chien's records instead of hers also ended in failure due to defective firecrackers. Worse, one could see Kris Aquino, Agot Isidro and Korina Sanchez-Roxas crying like toddlers when they discovered all the firecrackers were defective.

It turned out to be that Atty. Persida V. Rueda-Acosta, PNP Chief Roland "Bato" Dela Rosa and Justice Secretary Aguirre set things beforehand. The precaution was to wet all the fire…

Satirical News: Jim Paredes Says President Duterte Will Fall By December 31, 2017

Former APO Hiking Society member Jim Paredes who organized the "Light a Firecracker Against Duterte" movement is now confident that he will win. He was last seen with Congressman Gary Alejano and Senator Antonio Trollanes as they prepare to finally overthrow President Duterte with firecrackers.
"I am confident that this Light a Firecracker movement will succeed where Light a Fire Movement failed. This will be the end of the tyrannical Duterte Regime. We will restore democracy through this Light a Firecracker Movement. We will not obey the permits and we will not limit to EDSA but we will conquer everything with firecrackers. We already have proof from the International Criminal Court and Agnes Callamard that President Duterte is a killer!" said Paredes as he was interviewed by Pia Ranada-Robles.

Members of the upcoming Light a Firecracker Movement have shown up. One could see Kris Aquino, Leah Navarro, Korina Sanchez-Roxas, Agot Isidro and Cynthia Patay ready with…

Satirical News: President Duterte Prepares EDSA As #TindigPilipinas Only Firecracker Area

President Rodrigo R. Duterte prepared a new Christmas gift which the Dilawans can take advantage of. This new decision happened after hearing Jim Paredes' threat to light a firecracker against him and Leah Navarro's complaint about not having firecrackers.

"If they want to have firecrackers then fine. I only banned firecrackers in residences but not in public designated areas. I give EDSA as a #TindigPilipinas only exclusive area where they can play with firecrackers all they want without police supervision. They can have all their freedom there and I will tie the area around with a yellow ribbon to specify their designation. That's where they can enjoy having firecrackers without police supervision and my repressive policy." said President Duterte during his Christmas morning interview.

The new decision was respected and President Duterte sent men to tie EDSA Avenue with yellow ribbons. He called it a #TindigPilipinas exclusive area where they can play with fir…

Satirical News: Leah Navarro Complains That Christmas And New Year Is Not Complete Without Firecrackers

Leah Navarro finally spoke about how the firecracker control policy has destroyed Philippine democracy. She recently posted on social media where she said, "It's an upsetting thing how the firecracker ban was implemented. During Noynoy's time, we could celebrate with firecrackers. Now we've lost that freedom. Filipinos can never celebrate both Christmas and New Year without firecrackers. Worse, it has to be supervised by the police in designated areas. Where's all the fun if you can't have firecrackers in your house?"

The post by Navarro met an ire among Filipinos who have had enough of firecracker injuries. Many have cited how the firecracker can has allowed people to celebrate Christmas and New Year better. Among the many tweets raised up against her are the issues on firecracker-related injuries, people who want to get a good rest on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, houses burning down, how people can't concentrate on whatever tasks they are …

Satirical News: Agnes Callamard Says There Is No Proof Firecrackers Are A Health Hazard

Agnes Callamard is no stranger to controversy such as when she said that there is no evidence shabu leads to violent behavior. After she decided to help Maria Isabel Lopez get her license back she now decides to help Marbobo Roxas and Jim Paredes. This time, she said that there is no proof that firecrackers are a health hazard.
"It's clear that President Duterte is a tyrant. Whether it's his war on shabu which has no harm on the brain, now I want to present clear proof that firecrackers aren't a health hazard. No, Filipinos should be allowed to celebrate with firecrackers. The smog in India that happened during Diwali wasn't even a health hazard. President Duterte should drop his firecracker control policy or face charges at the International Criminal Court." said Callamard in an interview at Crappler with Maria Ressa.
Unfortunately for Callamard, more Filipinos who are fed up with firecracker injuries decided to attack her widely on social media. Her plans to…

Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Encourages Filipinos To Defy President Duterte's Firecracker Control Policy

As Christmas Eve approaches, Marbobo Roxas makes headlines as he encourages Filipinos to defy President Rodrigo R. Duterte's firecracker control policy. He said, "It's really discouraging how I have not only been cheated out of my presidency but also, President Duterte is killing democracy by the firecracker control policy. I'm calling Filipinos to fight for their freedom by defying the law. This is a call to light firecrackers on our residence this Christmas and New Year."

He was last seen meeting with Jim Paredes. It was reported that Paredes earlier launched a movement called "Light a Firecracker Against Duterte" in a bid to restore democracy. Paredes mentioned, "Would have Mar been president, this firecracker ban would have not existed. We will fight for our rights to celebrate Paskong Pinoy and Pinoy Bagong Taon. Banning firecrackers from our residences is a human rights violation. You must join Mar or lose your freedom to celebrate with fire…

Olivia Jordan Picture For December 20, 2017

December is coming to a close so here's her picture to help celebrate the near year end with... =P

Gracie Dzienny Picture For December 18, 2017

She's really a "clone" of Pamela Anderson huh?

Tacos For Christmas With Gracie Dzienny

These pictures were somewhat edited by her to make it look old school... hee hee. It's a good thing we've got digital technology to give us a variety of old school looks WITHOUT compromising the overall quality.

Satirical News: Jim Paredes Vows To Launch "Light A Firecracker Against Duterte Movement"

As the holidays are approaching, epal man Old Man Jim or Jim Paredes makes headlines again. He was recently interviewed by ABiaS-CBN reporter Korina Sanchez-Roxas where he mentioned he is going to launch the "Light a Firecracker Against Duterte" movement.

"This is an insult to democracy and Filipino tradition. What is Paskong Pinoy and Pinoy Bagong Taon with the firecrackers in your residence? If that is the case, I will invite Filipinos who want to get rid of the firecracker ban to join me. We will light firecrackers against President Duterte. This will be an act of heroism where we will throw firecrackers at the Malacanang and all places that support him in order to force him to resign. I will invite everyone to attend this noble cause to save democracy before New Year." said Paredes in an interview with Korina.

Some people who are endorsing the "Light a Firecracker Against Duterte Movement" are as follows. Those who were identified are Alexander Katig…

Americanized Versions Of Japanese Shows Are Too Soft

While I'm open to having Japanese shows localized here and there because the Japanese companies want to hit the international market but... I couldn't still express my disgust at the Americanized version more often than not. 
Here's a clip of Golion vs. Lion Voltron. Okay, Golion may have not been popular in Japan and Lion Voltron got popular in American but I can't help but facedesk at this scene. It's an obvious planetary destruction. How can everyone be evacuated already when it's an obvious war? War has casualties! Editing all the bloody scenes can be done, I don't care if they localized it but the problem is it defies logic too much. They could have kept the death in the plot even if the deaths aren't shown on-screen.
Or who could forget how Shirogane and Sven both had their fates in Golion vs. Voltron. It's obvious Sven was too injured. Hagar inflicted a mortal blow. In Golion, Honerva did such a damaging attack. If he was just out there to h…

My Stupid Reasons For Wanting To Watch Mulan 2018?

I guess this is where my superficial mind strikes again doesn't it? I remembered having two really dumb reasons to skip two films based on my childhood this year. The reasons can be summed up as because Kimberly and Belle are nowhere near as hot as their original counterparts. Now, it's time to think of one SUPER DUMB REASON for me to watch the Mulan remake. I know, I've been throwing dirty fingers at Disney for ruining my childhood but I'm having a dumb reason to try and watch it is because Mulan will be way hotter than the original version.

I gave a thought on how I really didn't find Emma Watson to have that charm. Maybe I can't stand how her version of Belle doesn't fit my type or what? I ended up rewatching the 1991 version of the film for quite the dumb reason that the animated Belle is way hotter than the live version. For any valid reason, I still feel the original animated version has way more charm than what Emma has to offer.

It's too early …

Satirical News: Agnes Callamard To Aid Maria Isabel Lopez In Suing The Land Transportation Office At The International Criminal Court

After the controversial moment where Maria Isabel Lopez's license was confiscated by the Land Transportation Office, Agnes Callamard makes headlines yet again. This time, she announces that she and Maria Isabel Lopez will go to the International Criminal Court to sue the LTO for confiscating her license.

"As I said earlier, the confiscation of Maria Isabel's license is an act of violation of democracy. What she did was not a dangerous act. She was fighting for the freedom of the Filipino people from President Duterte when she moved those cones used to divide the lane for ASEAN delegates and the civilians. She had every right to brag of how much of a freedom lover she is. Unless the LTO will give her license back - me and her will go to the International Criminal Court to sue the people in charge." said Callamard in another interview at CNN Philippines.

Maria Isabel's daughter Mara Lopez Yokohama thanked Callamard for her assistance. Mara said that she will be wi…

Satirical News: GMA-7 Plans To Air Kyuranger This 2018 With Selected Zaido Cast Members Dubbing It

As if planning to air Kamen Rider Drive with the cast of Tsuperhero wasn't enough, GMA-7 decided that they too will air Kyuranger this 2018 a month or two after the show is done. Right now, GMA-7 has decided to secure the rights.

So far, the plans are now revealed with who will dub who. The following are now considered to voice the following Kyuranger characters:
Dennis Trillo as LuckyAljur Abrenica as SpadaRaymart Santiago as StingerDion Ignacio as GaroPaolo Ballesteros as NagaSpanky Manikan as BalanceLovi Poe as HammyKris Bernal as RaptorPaolo Avelino as ChampIan De Leon as Shou RonpouTirso Cruz III as Don Armage
As Kyuranger is coming to an end, Jessica Soho mentions that GMA-7 will grab the opportunity to air the series on a summer break. She says, "Well it's time for Japan and the Philippines to get closer. What better way will it be but to air this year's Super Sentai next year a month or two after it ends. We will also plan to invite the Kyuranger cast to the P…

Remembering The Frustration That's MS-DOS

I remembered the days of the MS-DOS era. Yes, there was the joy of the MS-DOS gaming era but the MS-DOS was something that its creators would eventually get rid of. Just like game cartridges, Betamax and VHS it was going to be the end of the MS-DOS era soon enough. I remembered how the MS-DOS era was pretty much a hassle.
There's the frustration of typing commands and changing directories. You had to type WIN at MS-DOS to start the Windows application. Later, Windows when it's installed will start automatically. What was also good was that the end of the MS-DOS era meant this - installing new software was easier as you weren't limited to just the keyboard. Ironic how some MS-DOS games required you to use a mouse, right?

For the end of MS-DOS it's something to think how Microsoft ended it and why it had to end. Bill Gates knew it was time to end something. He couldn't rely on past successes as the chairman of the board of Microsoft. I'm glad the MS-DOS era is o…

Amy Jo Johnson Picture For November 5, 2017

Yup she's aged pretty well but Power Rangers hasn't aged well. I still think leaving MMPR was really good for her career since it held her back way too many times. 

Satirical News: Agnes Callamard Says That The Failed Dengue Vaccine Is Not Fatal

UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard makes headlines yet again as she butts in concerning former Department of Health Secretary, Dr. Janette Garin's investigation for the Dengvaxia fiasco. After saying that there is no evidence that shabu kills she now says that there is no evidence that the failed dengue vaccine is not fatal.

"I was called by Chito Gascon during the time when Maria Isabel Lopez's license was unjustly confiscated by the Land Transportation Office. Now it's time for me to show empirical data from the World Health Organization that the failed dengue vaccine is not fatal. I will now show my studies that show that shabu doesn't lead to acts of violence, that Maria Isabel Lopez's violation won't harm anyone and that traffic isn't fatal and now I'll prove that the failed dengue vaccine isn't fatal. Even so, I am working on a study to prove dengue doesn't kill anyone." said Callamard in an interview with CNN Philippines.

The stateme…

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For December 2, 2017

A blast from the past? Not really. It's Gracie Dzienny!
She's got that wonderful smile.

You can't deny how naturally pretty she is huh?

WTF: An A- Is A Bad Grade For Chinese Parenting?!

One of the reasons why I enjoy reading through Amy Chua-Rubenfeld's book "Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother" is that we see this one truth - every parenting system has their extremes. If American parenting can be too lenient then she acknowledges how Chinese parenting can be so unreasonable. She thought it'd work for her because her parents did it. Later, she said she'd do some things different if she could do things all over again with some adjustments. One of the controversies in the Chinese parenting is that an A- is a bad grade.
So here's the problem - why make such a fuzz over an A- when it's not a bad grade? You want to know the equivalents? Anything below B- is already a line of seven. Anything above it is 80% to 100%. I agree that children should be encouraged to excel but if there's a middle road to it, it's that, "We're not asking for A+, we're not asking you to be excellent. Just don't give us grades that are cringe-worthy…

Satirical News: Agnes Callamard Says LTO Should Return Maria Isabel Lopez's License

Controversial UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard has made headlines yet again even after Spokesperson Harry Roque threw a hollow block at her statements. Now she decided to intervene on behalf of former beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez after her license has been suspended for what she did during #ASEAN2017.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, she said, "It's amazing how the Duterte presidency is falling into a tyranny. First, they continue the drug war which is ineffective. I have plenty of evidence that shabu doesn't harm the brain and neither do expired relief goods do any effect on your health. Now more empirical data proves that what Maria Isabel Lopez did was not a traffic violation nor would it have caused chaos. LTO should return her license right away or be charged by the International Criminal Court."

The statement was further backed up by Akbobo Representative Tom Villarin and CHR Chairperson Chito Gascon. Rep. Villarin said, "The palace right now is tremb…

Satirical News: Chito Gascon Says Land Transportation Office Violated Maria Isabel Lopez's Human Rights

Maria Isabel Lopez had her license suspended as decision by the Land Transportation Office in relation to her #ASEAN2017 incident. This did not reach too well with the Commission on Human Rights. Chito Gascon made air again and angered many Filipino netizens.

"I am afraid that this is a great act of misjudgment. She was just expressing her right to live in a democracy and she was proud of fighting this dictatorship. By moving the divider cones she is opposing the dictatorship that is Duterte. Why should there be a divided lane? That's a sign of oppression and she's doing her best to fight it. By doing so, she has become a political prisoner when the LTO under Duterte confiscated her license and made her pay a fine. She was just expressing herself and she just wants to have fun." said Gascon in an interview done by Pia Ranada-Robles of Crappler.

The news did not stop there. Others who came to defend Maria Isabel aside from her daughter Mara Lopez Yokohama included Ag…

Satirical News: Amos Yee Slapped By Angry Filipinos In America

As if the slap by Neo Gim Huah in Singapore was not enough, it was reported that Amos Yee got slapped in the United States by angry Filipinos. He was last seen eating snacks in Starbucks with Manang Loida Nicolas Lewis aka Tandang Gurang and Aika Gerona Robredo, daughter of Leni Loud Robredo. They were seen discussing on his would be privilege speech in Ateneo De Manila University. Unfortunately, this did not sit well with some Filipinos in America who are either migrants or overseas workers. 
The result was that after Yee got out of Starbucks was that he was immediately followed by a gang slap assault. The group of angry Filipinos fled the scene after they all gave him a huge slap several times in a row. The whole incident resulted in a mob that ran off after they all took turns in slapping him.

One Filipino who was working in the U.S. who did not want to be revealed said, "I decided to slap Amos Yee. I have had enough of how the Liberal Party has caused thirty plus years of su…

Satirical News: #TindigPilipinas Plans To Invite Amos Yee To Speak At Ateneo De Manila University

#TindigPilipinas decided to invite 19 year old Amos Yee from Singapore to speak at Ateneo De Manila University. They think that he would be the best new spokesperson that would help them in their cause to restore their perceived view of democracy.

One of #TindigPilipinas' members Marbobo Roxas spoke about Yee's stand on Singapore. He said, "Yee is a clear victim of human rights abuses. He was put in jail by an unjust society. He does have the spirit that #TindigPilipinas needs and an inspiration that we all need. He's the millennial for today and we plan to invite him to speak at Ateneo De Manila."

Backing up Yee is UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard. Callamard said, "It would be important that Filipinos should hear that he (Yee) has to say. Singapore is the top human rights violator in Asia. We must work together to maintain democracy. Yee himself will speak for those who were unjustly executed for bringing in shabu in Singapore. As said, there's no evidence…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Picture For November 23, 2017

Here's another classic shot of the beautiful Amy Jo Johnson during the 90s. I admit, leaving the Power Rangers set was the best thing she did for her career. 

Satirical News: Leni Loud Robredo Cries Foul Over Max's Fried Chicken Given To PNP During #ASEAN2017

Vice President Leni Loud Robredo makes headlines yet again. After she was said to have cried a glass full of tears for being downplayed at the #ASEAN2017 she has now cried foul to why the policemen got Max's Fried Chicken instead of Lugaw Ni Leni. VP Leni Loud decided to accuse President Rodrigo R. Duterte of overspending.

"Look, if the PNP had Lugaw Ni Leni we would have had better and cheaper meals. Letting them eat Max's Fried Chicken was too expensive. It's an outrage that not only was I downplayed but I also wasn't allowed to serve my lugaw." said VP Leni Loud in an interview on Crappler, Philippine Daily Non-Inquirer and ABiaS-CBN. She was also interviewed by Raissa Robles and Pia Ranada-Robles on separate occasions.

This caused another outrage of Pinoy Netizens vs. VP Leni Loud. She went on an extreme blocking. More and more Netizens shows angry face icons on social media. There has been a flood of millions of hate comments in just one day. Some have ev…

TBT: I Was Shocked To Learn Blowfish Could Be Eaten If Prepared Properly

I remembered one of the most shocking moments I learned in my College days was that fugu could be eaten. If it did shock me to learn that cassava can turn poisonous and deadly then it also shocked me to learn that blowfish (called fugu in Japan) can be eaten if it's prepared properly. 
What I could remember is the preparing the blowfish is no walk in the park. If you puncture the liver or any of the internal organs then that blowfish can't be eaten anymore. The risk is that blowfish contains a lot more poison called tetradoxin in the internal organs. Throwing away the toxic waste requires special waste management because the poison is more potent than cyanide. Preparation isn't easy so it justifies why the price is so expensive.
Speaking of which, I remembered that episode in Dragon Ball where a young Goku got punished for slacking off - then I thought Master Roshi and Krillin were going to get poisoned from eating blowfish. But years later, the real problem isn't the…

Satirical News: President Duterte And President Xi Agree To Give Spratlys To #TindigPilipinas

The events of #TindigPilipinas' rather "huge" crowd which could not even fill EDSA led to a new proposal. President Rodrigo R. Duterte decided to have a meeting with President Xi Jinping of China. The battle between China and the Philippines for Spratlys escalated during the term of former president Nobita Aquino. Now it is time to make the most unbelievable peace settlement.

If China cannot have Spratlys then neither can any other country was the response. President Xi decided to come on a new agreement with President Duterte that neither Philippines nor China will own Spratlys. Instead, they will give it to the members of #TindigPilipinas to become the new separate state.

"If you cannot accept me as your president, you are free to leave. We are in a democracy and you have the right to leave. Right now, me and President Xi have agreed to give you Spratlys which will become your own new separate state. I don't care what you name it. You can have it. The Chinese g…

#TBT: I Enjoyed Some Cartoon Shows Much Older Than I Am When I Was Little

It's been several years already and one of the many things I remember would be watching old school cartoons when it was the 90s. I remembered they were introduced to me by my elders. So what can I remember? Here's some of them that I can remember and I wonder if I would still want to rewatch them. 
The wonderful crazy world of Tex Avery was definitely one of those shows that got my attention. I remembered a couple of crazy characters like Droopy and Screwball Squirrel. Yes, those were very old cartoons and seeing them in standard definition, Betamax or VHS was the thing back then. I can't FORGET just how crazy this was. I remembered a few ones like A Symphony in Slang, some crazy TV models and car models which will remain as innovative writing but not as scientific innovation. 
There was also the world of Disney before it ruined my childhood with really bad stuff. I had no idea that some of the Disney episodes I watched were shown during the 1930s to 1940s. Some of these …

Gracie Dzienny At MacQueen Orchards

Here's Gracie Dzienny looking really hot with these apples. 

Remembering That Super Unreliable Floppy Disk In Doing Assignments

Aside from the typewriter - one of the things that I'm glad is gone is the floppy disk system. Yes, that really annoyingly stupid floppy disk. Okay, I may be pretty old fashioned with some forms of entertainment (but I enjoy both old school and new school stuff at the same time) all the while I embrace new technology. So what's my experience with the floppy disk and what nightmares did it really give me? I could remember typing a high school report and it was such a HUGE report required or I FLUNK. Then I discovered DUNDUNDUN I couldn't even save it into the disk. I had to have it printed somewhere but it ended up with me having NO INK in my printer. OUCH. That experience alone is such a nightmare.

The disks themselves were really anything but convenient. Fortunately, the birth of the USB drives and blank CDs came to existence. The blank CD though was still not so good that time since you couldn't delete data compared to today's CD writing technology. The USB driv…

A Very Powerful Video Of Loving Your Grandmother

Nine years ago, my paternal grandmother passed away at the age of 91 years old. She would have been 100 if she were alive today. I want to share this video as it still makes me wish that she were around. It's  because of the emotional strings that are hard to remove. I just thought of how old people aren't getting any younger. In this video, the grandmother just wants to enjoy her old age. Please watch and know what you can learn!

To close, I still think this song fits in everything. I may not talk too much about her in public or all the time. But what I can't deny is how the memories are still there. I still can't forget the advice of the old people for the young. I also still remember how often this song still brings a tear to my eye one way or another because it's a very emotional song.

Gracie Dzienny Picture For October 9, 2017

Really distracting if you ask me!

Victoria Justice And That Cotton Candy

I can't deny how I used to watch Victorious for her. Now she's beyond her Nickelodeon years and honestly, I feel like new school Nickelodeon hasn't been any good these days. =P

Going Beyond Shallow Reasons Why I Dislike These Two Films Based On My Childhood

I admit that I wanted to avoid two films based on my childhood for stupid reasons. Okay, people know I dislike Power Rangers because of all the bad decisions the franchise keeps putting itself into. I also dislike Disney now for ruining my childhood with what they did with Marvel and Star Wars. It's time to think things objectively (or not) with this post.

First I could talk about Belle 

This is going to be very unpopular. There's always the fandom frustration especially when you've got Jim Paredes-minded fanbases in every fanbase. While I admit I can whine about how Emma Watson is nowhere near as pretty as the non-existent fictional character but I really have thought of how I just couldn't warm up to Emma Watson's version of Belle. It's not just the appearance but the substance of the script that made me think WTF why did I even waste precious time watching it? Watson gets praised but I'm unfortunately not among the many.

What's my problem with the 20…

Rhian Ramos Howell And Hello Kitty

Who's cuter? Her or the Hello Kitty? 

Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Picture For October 2, 2017

She's really looking lovely here. Too bad MMPR didn't treat her too well that's why I don't want to bother rewatching it even for her. -_-

Satirical News: Tindig Pilipinas Acquires New SMARTMATIC Software Called Spreadsh*t

Antonio Trollanes IV won't give up without a fight. He has joined forces with political rivals such as presidential candidate Jejemon Binay and his rival for the vice presidency Leni Loud Robredo. As Tindig Pilipinas seeks to overthrow President Rodrigo Duterte a new software is introduced. It is said to be faster and more reliable than Microsoft Excel. It is developed by Smartmatic and it is called Spreadsh*t.

"I hope that this new software called Spreadsh*t will work. It will help you filter fake news, fake figures and they are as reliable as PCOS machines. Both me and Vice President Leni Robredo will be using this new software to #fightdisinformation. We will also have this new software installed at the Commission on Human Rights' headquarters so Cheato Gascon can use it to defend our democracy." said Trollanes in an interview.

What was revealed was that both Spreadsh*t and PCOS Machines have the same programmers. Marbobo Roxas soon said, "With Spreadsh*t I …

Gracie Dzienny Picture For September 29, 2017

I have to admit this shot feels like an 80s picture in some way... =P

Rhian Ramos Howell Pictures For September 25, 2017

She's naturally pretty.
Okay, is that some barbeque she's eating?

Satirical News: Nobita Aquino And Friends Are Now Tide Detergent Endorsers

At the latest event of September 21, 2017 which they called as the "National Death of Democracy", their attempts to prove that the Philippines is now a dictatorship failed. However, Proctor and Gamble Philippines' president Jim Lafferty was impressed by their white clothes decided to make them models for Tide.

Lafferty explained, "Although their attempts to topple down President Duterte were pathetic but their dedication was admirable. They wore really white clothes and I could see how white their clothes are. Because they are no longer relevant as politicians so I offer them a new job. They can all be endorsers for Tide Detergent."

A new commercial will be shot featuring Nobita and his friends. Not all members of this new commercial are from LP. Others will include Jejemon Bitay of United Nationalist Alliance, Gary Alejano of Samahang Magtalo and Antonio Trollanes IV of the Not A Democrat I'm Nacionalista Party.

Stay tuned for further developments.

My Thoughts On Toys R Us Filing For Bankruptcy Protection

What can be disheartening is when your childhood memories go away doesn't it? I remembered getting toys from Toys R Us on the Holiday Season during the 90s. I thought about how interest can switch from toys to video games in one easy step. I felt it myself especially when I saw some children look forward to the coolest video game than the coolest toy around.

I decided to read NBC News where it reveals something about what could have gone wrong. Video games are now the latest competitor. I remembered how my childhood went from the toy store to the video game store. It was still old school gaming when loading times were pretty slow. It wasn't the glorious time of DVD technology in video games for that time.

The digital age vs. physical toys?

Here's an interesting excerpt that I think I could use to analyze the situation:

Toys Swiped to the Side
"They got stuck in 1985," Robyn O'Bryan, an author based in Boulder, Colorado and the mother of four children, told NBC …

I Suddenly Remember Mars Attacks This Year While Watching Some New School Tokusatsu

As I was watching Kyuranger and Kamen Rider Build (and yes, Build took some strange device from MARS which reminds me of the 90s game Doom which I wasn't a fan of) I'm reminded of Mars Attack. Some of you might say that Kyuranger is more of Star Wars and Star Trek or whatever. But why in the world did Mars Attack come to my mind? I know it's been back to my late elementary days and I freaking need to rewatch the movie to recall every single detail but there's some that remain in my memory.
If anyone and I mean anyone should get the blame from the new school series, it's Kyuranger's Don Armage. As if Kyuranger can't stop having references to a lot of stuff that 90s children may be familiar with like Star Wars. Maybe Toei wants to make fun of sci-fi movies that are getting rebooted. While I thought Don Armage would like like Emperor Palpatine's deformed form but he looks worse. He looks like a beefed up martian from the movie Mars Attack. I think only if…